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יום  הולדת שמח

The Adat Chaim Board extends birthday wishes to the following:

November: Linsay Rosenthal, Ilana Newman Abbott, Natalie Litofsky, Mark Rosenthal, Larry Rubin and Cathy Litofsky

December: Benjamin Weksberg, Sandy Newman, Paul Raith, Irv Litofsky and Marcy Wesalo

January: Jadzia Maiorano, Seth Perlow, and Francesca Maiorano

February: Cindy Perlow and Monica Rosen

March: Wendy Raith, Ryan Asher, and Adrienne Frager

April: Jan Seiden, Buddy Asher, Sheryl Newman Forman, David Weksberg and Al Mendelsohn

Please let us know if we have missed your birthday. We will be sure to update our records. 

יום נישואין שמח

The Adat Chaim Board sends a hearty mazel tov to:

October: Debby & Allan Weksberg; Tina & Buddy Asher

January: Sandy & Jerry Newman

February: Susan & Les Ansel

March: Cindy & Jeff Perlow

As we navigate and update our database, be sure to update your member information so that we may congratulate you on your upcoming simcha or celebration.

Wed, April 17 2024 9 Nisan 5784