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       What is a Synagogue?
It is clear, that walls and windows alone do not make a synagogue. People make a synagogue. At one time the usual answer would have been a building where Jews go to: pray, study, celebrate, observe life cycle events, etc. This past year has shown us that a synagogue is much more than an edifice. It is (or should be) a living breathing entity; a community of people who come together to pray, to study, to celebrate, to observe, to support each other in good times and in not so good times. Our scheduling and programming have changed as the result of the still existing pandemic. Our community has grown in terms of numbers of members and visitors who join us weekly. We are expanding our familiarity with and understanding of language, terms, and rituals we may have taken for granted without really understanding why or what we have been saying or doing. May we continue to demonstrate that we are capable of change; not change merely for the sake of change, but meaningful change based on accurate information and education. 

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    Red Run Centre
    10989 Red Run Blvd., Suite 109
    Owings Mills, MD 21117        410-833-7485 (shul)
    Email us at
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Events and Happenings

     June 5th Saturday 10 am
      on Zoom    Shabbat Study

     June 12th Saturday 10 am
     on Zoom     Shabbat Service

     June 13th  Sunday 10 am
     on Zoom   Annual Congregational 
        Meeting and Elections

     June 19th Saturday 10 am
    on Zoom   Shabbat Study

      June 25th  Friday 7 pm
    on Zoom   Kabbalat Shabbat
     Shabbat Dinner $25

     June 27th  Sunday 4:30 PM
     on Zoom Robyn Helzner in Concert
      "Kreplach and Dim Sum"

    More information can be obtained in detail                  from our Newsletter.

       If you have a need to contact us please             use our email:  
          Call the Shul office 410-833-7485
Adat Chaim Synagogue          10989 Red Run Blvd., Suite 109           Owings Mills, MD              410-833-SHUL [7485]
    Shabbat services and any scheduled events or meetings   have been cancelled in our building. Adat Chaim will be             using  the Zoom platform until further notice. 

   Shabbat Services and our Study sessions are either at 10 am on Saturday mornings or at 7 pm on Friday nights. Join us for services by sending your email address to our ritual committee for the Zoom link at

   Email our president, Jerry Newman, at with any life cycle events that may   occur during this trying time. Stay safe!

   Please call the synagogue at 410-833-7485 if you need   additional information or updates. You can also reach us by email at

​                COME JOIN US SUNDAY, JUNE 13TH AT 10 AM
The annual congregational meeting and elections will be presented on our Zoom platform. Watch your emails for the invitation and link. If you have anything you would like to bring up at the meeting, let Jerry Newman know prior to the meeting.

Slate of Officers for 2021-2023
President:  Cathy Litofsky
1st Vice President:  Vacant
2nd Vice President:  Vacant
Treasurer:  George Korba
Secretary: Cindy Perlow
Members-at-Large: Wendy Raith, Stanley Fishman, and Marcie Levenstein
   See you then!